Saturday, April 12

It's Always Mothers' Day for These Ladies!

Remember the snow?  Isis does, too.
There are four ladies on the available page we'd like you to meet. 

These ladies did their time as puppy producers for the benefit of their owners and the people who bought their puppies at pet stores or over the Internet. 

Now it is their turn to be somebody's baby!

But before you decide whether you want to consider a true rescue--and by "true rescue" I mean a dog who was taken from a situation where her circumstances were dangerous or left her physically or emotionally damaged in some way--read the article on our website about what to expect from a dog who survived a commercial breeding operation.

Our former breeders are: Isis, Jellybelly, Megg, and Cadbury.

Megg adores her people. And tummyrubs
Isis has some of the best characteristics of the breed.  She loves her people, and she is a wonderful companion.  Her time in the mill did leave her with some emotional scars.  She is looking for an adults-only, quiet home, with someone willing to help her overcome her fears.  She has low confidence and that comes out sideways when she sees a large dog.
Jellybelly watches and waits.

Jellybelly was lucky!  While some of the dogs surrendered along with her lived in the barn, Jellybelly was an in-house dog, so she has no emotional problems at all!  She's a triple threat: likes cats, likes kids, likes dogs!

Megg is a classic Frenchie bitch.  She adores her people, but all others must approach her with the respect she feels she deserves.  Children tend to be handsy and so do party-goers who've had a couple, so we are looking for a sober, adult companion to adopt Megg.  She's a fine friend and could teach Isis a thing or two
about confidence and self-esteem.
Cadbury on the lookout for Easter eggs!

Cadbury is the newest addition to our available page.  It is shocking that she was used as a breeder, considering her very narrow trachea.  She's absolutely devoted to her people, and loves to be with them and her people can do no wrong.  Cadbury's adopters should be very well-educated in the needs of French bulldogs in terms of weather and exercise, and because Cadbury works herself up when crated and can't be trusted home alone, we think a couple who work from home or are retired and can always have somebody in the house would be best for Cadbury.

These ladies have served as money-makers for most of their lives.  If you feel drawn to the idea of rescuing a dog, each of these girls has slightly different needs; each will require more or less commitment to training or experience with dogs or Frenchies.  There's a rescue for you among these dogs whether you have never owned a dog, or you have previously worked with rescues, or you want to commit to working with a dog who requires a strong leader, perhaps with a professional trainer.

There is someone waiting and wanting a girl like each of these, trusts

The Frog Princess

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