Saturday, February 22

MIracle Max

It's too blave for us and Miracle Max.

You might not have heard this story, but it plucks at every heartstring our cold, shriveled heart has left.

Max's owner entered an assisted living facility, and at first all was well for him and Max.  But time went on, and his owner was no longer to do the things he needed to do to keep up with Max.  So he called us.  And a volunteer went to visit with him, and spent a couple of hours listening to Max stories and drinking tea.  And when the time came to say goodbye, Max's person gently kissed and thanked him for being such a good dog and a good friend.

We are looking for a home for Miracle Max.  If you have a place where an old dog can nap and you have a few dollars for Max's favorite treat, blueberries, and you would like to help us be able to tell Miracle Max's owner that Max has found a great family to live with, go to his available page and check him out.  He's in central MI.

Too blave.  Miracle Max had it once.  We hope he can have it again.


The Frog Princess

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