Friday, July 19


All over the hemisphere, people are packing up, slathering up, pinking up, and drinking up because it is vacation time!

Crush is no different.  He and his foster family sneaked off for a little sunfun time in the Florida Keys before he had his patella surgery this past week (he came through just fine!)

Here are some photos of Crush and foster family, including foster sister Lulu.  His foster mom wrote to us about the vacation:

"Crushie was awesome in the car, except when we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some provisions. J. left the car running and jumped out to grab some things and the rest of us hung out watching our Mickey Mouse videos when LuLu jumped into the driver's seat to see where her daddy went. She handily opened all the car windows and when Crush caught wind of it, he promptly jumped into the passenger seat and tried to make a break for it.

But I saw everything as it was unfolding and grabbed him before he could escape. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the ride in the back seat with me at all times!

The puppers had an awesome time and even got their little tootsies wet in the bay. Unfortunately, I had them both on leashes so I didn't have a free hand to take any pictures of it. But they LOOOVED it! They saw lots of iguanas and even a parrot, too!

We all had a great time and Crush was absolutely awesome in every way! He is definitely a laid back, Keys kinda dude!"

He's completely Dude-like, and we think the boy needs a pair of board shorts and rubber beer bottle toy to complete the effect.

We're very glad to hear that his patella surgery went so well and he's getting around already--though we also hear he is hard to keep quiet for the 6 weeks of recuperation he'll need.  If you'd like to sponsor him as he recovers, surf over to his foster page and send him a kind word and a couple of bucks.  He'd love to hear from you, and it would make his foster mom's day, too, thinks

The Frog Princess

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