Monday, December 31

Last Day of the Year!

Today is the last day of the year!

If you are planning to donate to charity for tax purposes, today is the day to do it!  Your gifts will help hundreds of Frenchies enjoy a happier New Year!

 New foster Moon Pie shares some Happy New Year wishes!  She was pulled from a shelter on Dec 23rd.  She was surrendered after her family had a baby and Moon Pie developed some intestinal problems.  She'll be feeling better very soon!  And NEXT New Year's Eve, you can look for her on our adopted page.

Here are some of the frogs we took in during the week before Christmas.  We are so happy that we have the volunteers and the resources to keep these dogs out of the shelters.

Every year at holiday time, shelters (and FBRN) have a big influx of dogs who are suddenly persona non grata in their homes.  Maybe it's because the family got new carpet for holiday guests and the dog is soiling it.  Maybe it's because the stresses of the holidays push people over the edge and they surrender a dog they've been meaning to "get rid of" for a while.  Maybe it's because the holidays are expensive, and people realize they can't afford their dogs' medications or vet bills anymore.  Maybe it's unrelated to the holidays, and people find themselves in the kind of trouble that causes people to surrender their dog at any other time of year.  We only know that giving up a dog just seems so much more sad at the holidays when so many of us are in a joyful and celebratory mood.

Whatever the reasons, we are glad to be a safety net for dogs in the holidays and all year long.  We love getting to be the good guys and we love stepping up to help out, and we know our friends and supporters love that feeling, too!

Click on this link to make a one-time donation or to sign up for monthly donating.

Here's Mokka, surrendered on Christmas Eve with dreadful allergies that caused bald patches and blackened skin!  With your help, we will get him all fixed up!

Balthazar was taken in by a Good Samaritan when his family divorced and no one had time for him. Our volunteer picked him up a couple of days before Christmas.  He had a mast cell tumor removed recently, and we have just found a couple of bumps we'll be looking at shortly.  Your donations will help us get him vetted and ready for a fabulous forever family!

Manny, the pied boy front and center, was surrendered when his family had a baby and Manny took to snapping at it.  Manny never connected with the baby, thank goodness, but it was clear he'd be happier in a family where HE was the big baby. 

Though his family loved him, they fell victim to the hard times so many are experiencing, and they were unable to do what needed to be done for Alexander.  He came to us with allergies, flea infestation, tapeworms, elephant-skin on paws and abdomen, yeast and bacterial infections, and toenails curled into his paw pads.  He may be deaf.  He has a head-tilt, likely related to vestibular disease.  This poor guy is underweight (thanks to the tapeworms!), but he is making up for lost time at the kibble bowl!  He is fostering with a vet tech, and she will make sure all his bits and pieces are taken care of before he goes to live with his new family.  Your contributions make it possible for us to relieve his suffering and make him well.

All of us at FBRN, all the volunteers and all the Frenchies, want to thank you for your support! We wish you and your family and friends a healthy and peaceful New Year!

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Kudos to FBRN!!
Happy New Year
Benny & Lily

Blondheim Art and Stories said...

Blessings to you. My Frenchie, Henry is loving his new clothes we purchased from your store.