Saturday, September 1

Urgent Surgery

Earlier this week, Pipsqueak's owners called and asked to surrender their 8-year-old brindle boy to us because they are going to be traveling and away from home, and in the months since their other dog passed away Pipsqueak has become lonely and depressed.

We picked him up and took him into foster care.  A day or two ago his foster mom discovered a large, cherry-sized lump on Pipsqueak's penis that could only be seen when the lump "popped out" of the sheath.

After a fast trip to the vet, the tumor was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor.  When we looked closely at his vet records, we saw that the owner had seen the lump two years ago and had taken her dog to one of a national chain of veterinary clinics and had been told that her dog had a deformity, but that neutering would help reduce the size of the lump.  She believed the vet.  She didn't get a second opinion.

Now, Pipsqueak is facing an expensive surgery to remove the tumor.  It's a complex surgery because of the location of the tumor, but we are going ahead with it because after xrays and ultrasound, there is no sign that the cancer has spread, even after two years.   Mast cell is very common in Frenchies, and it is very treatable when it is caught before it spreads.

Pip is in considerable pain when the tumor "pops out" from inside the sheath (as you can see it has in this photo) because the penis can't retract.  The tumor has grown so large that urination is difficult. 

His foster mom reports that possibly due to his pain or his confusion about the change in his circumstances, Pipsqueak is a very needy boy.  He gets so upset when he is left alone that he will throw up.  He'll only eat if she sits beside him on the floor.  At just 12 pounds, he is a very tiny little wee thing--hence the name Pipsqueak!

Pipsqueak is so new he doesn't have his own foster page, yet.  He'll be on the website on Thursday or Friday this week.

If ever a little frogdog needed help, it's Pipsqueak!  We know many of our supporters will come through as they always do when we ask for help in a special, urgent case like this.  We are so grateful that our friends are here for our frogs! Clicking on this highlighted text will take you to our donation page.  On the top right corner, click on the yellow donate button. Please be sure to leave a little message of encouragement for Pip in the Message to Merchant box as you check out.  

Thank you for helping!  We'll keep you posted on Pip's progress, promises

The Frog Princess

This is a photo of young Pipsqueak in his salad days.

PS Frenchies (and boxers and a few other breeds) are prone to mast cell tumors, and most vets are very aware of this sad fact.  If your dog has an unusual growth, regardless of its location, be sure to take your dog to the vet immediately.  If the growth changes quickly, or you aren't satisfied with your vet's diagnosis, don't be afraid to get a second opinion.  


Two French Bulldogs said...

Sending lots of good vibes to this poor little boy. Thank goodness for FBRN
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

I just made a donation through Paypal for Pip, but I forgot to direct a merchant message in the comments. Anyway, feel better little Pip. Love, Rebecca and Andre

Frog Princess said...

Thank you, Rebecca and Andre! :)


Frog Princess said...

Thanks, B and L!