Monday, March 5

Intrepid! The Search for LUGNUT!

Never, never let it be said that our volunteers are without courage, stamina, endurance, pig-headedness or that they are not brimful of essence de goofball when it comes to a frog in need.  The closest volunteer we had to a dog who was described as seriously stricken with separation anxiety lived over a 7 hours' drive away, through wintery mountain terrain and the kinds of road that Robert Frost was thinking about when he talked about the ones that are less-traveled-by. 

Over the plains of Alberta, Canada, through the raggedy mountains of Glacier Park, our fearless volunteer rolled along with but a single thought in her head:  

"I hope I didn't leave the iron on..."

Through day and night and day and night and in and out of weeks and months, the fearless flyer flew!  And finally the object of her search and the reason for her unreasoning flight was in sight.

A dog called Lugnut.

And once she had him, she turned right around and she drove all the way back, many hundreds of miles, through ice and snow and radio wasteland until at last they reached the frozen land where her home still stood and her own dogs waited, and after a bite of dinner, our volunteer slept the sleep of the virtuous and just.

And so did Lugnut.

With countless thanks to our adventurous, madcap volunteer for making the exhausting journey to rescue this pup.  He's settling in quite nicely and he'll soon be appearing on the foster page, where you can see more photos and even some video, promises

The Frog Princess


L. Jensen said...

And how! Great, great, great blogspot.

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome to see some one just LOVE a Frenchie soooo much they would do this. Thank You, on behalf of Lugnut !!!