Friday, December 2

Happy Holidays to You, Too!

Remy, FBRN grad, is having a holiday adventure. 

We hope your holidays are less, how shall we say? Eye-popping.

Festive greetings from

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

We don't think it's funny, but mom is cracking up at that petrified look on your face. We hear Sandy Paws is good. I know my Lily is going to scream at him
Benny & Lily

jess said...

oh my goodness.... poor remmy, i couldn't help but laugh. also? that santa is so santa-like!! the last santa my pups posed with was actually a girl!!!! :P

detuned said...

Aside from loving Remy's expression.. I love the way he crossed his legs!! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

HELLO!!! It's JANUARY 9th FP! Shrug off that holiday hangover and shake a tail feather already!

your *friend* Joey One Eye