Friday, November 11

Alena in 3-D!

Poor Alena!  This girl has been having a series of skin infections since she arrived in FBRN.  The lastest one is the worst her foster mom has seen, and it is terribly frustrating because Alena's hair was just starting to come in on her face and feet after her bout with demodex. 
Here's a note from foster mom:

"Poor Alena ... she has been 2 steps forward, 1 step back all along. The positive is that her forward is greater than the back ... but still.

Currently she is having a REALLY nasty skin flare up. She had some itchies when she came to me, but this is by far the worst in her 10 months with me. She is bumpy, raw and has to wear long sleeves and a turtle neck to stop her ripping her skin apart. She is off to see the vet again today, as I am just not able to get it under control.

Other than the skin, she is still our happy girl. Loves to go to work, loves to eat EVERYTHING. We call her compost bin .. she happily snacks on veggie scraps that would otherwise go into the yard waste bin."

Some Frenchies have a thing for vegetables and fruit.  Most frogs love bananas.  After a visit with her vet, the foster mom wrote again to say,

"Good news from the vet ... she was given a strong anti-fungal shampoo, strong anti-itch pills and antibiotics ... and after just 2 days she is improving. I've never seen her skin so bad, so I'm hoping it's just circumstantial and we can get it under control quickly."

Since Alena is such a favorite among our friends and supporters, we thought you'd like to hear about her latest comeback!  Sure, her skin is a horror show, but Alena has all the tools to see it through, in the painfully worked metaphor of

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

poor baby...the ONLY think that helps my Lily , per dermatologist, is 25mg Atopica in the amand 10mg in the evening.
Benny (& Lily)

Anonymous said...

What kind of food does she eat? Has she been tested for allergies?

Corinne said...

I've heard that coconut oil (of the unrefined or virgin variety) can be really helpful. It can be applied topically or ingested and also helps boost the immune system. Hope that helps, sending good thought Alena's way.

Mireya DeJesus said...

I hope my small donation will help out in the care of this sweet girl. I read this and just wanted to go home and hug my Frenchie Zoe. Bless you for your commitment to this lovable creature.