Tuesday, May 17

What's it All About, Ralphie?

Apparently, it's all about schmoozing the crowds on a springtime morning stroll!

Here's what his foster mom said about a recent out and abouting with Ralphie, the wheeled wonder:

"Ralph continues on as King of the World. He's been getting a lot of attention, both positive (yay!!) and weird negative (I think people continue to be afraid of what they are unfamiliar with). Today, Mother's Day, he got gobs of attention on our am walk. People stopping us to discuss and show me pics of their Frenchies. He came home with his head smelling of hand lotions and perfumes. Big player.

He's eating like a champ (are there any Frenchies that don't?). Zipping around inside and keeping himself busy, busy, busy by nosing through the recycling and keeping a keen eye on what the cats are up to and where they're running off to. They've been napping closer to each other as well. Yesterday he got a new black Kong--his new bff-- and a Nylabone Gallileo which he has already made major tooth marks in!

That's pretty much it. Oh, I've been taking lots of pics (which he hates) because I'm determined to get him into the fbrn calendar (full page) this year!"

Oo la la, Ralphie Beefcake!  We can hardly wait to see the photos, leers

The Frog Princess


Ralphie & Debs said...

We LOVES you Frog Princess!!!! xoxoxox

Unknown said...

Ralphie you rock! So does the Frog Princess!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You're the best Ralphie!!
Benny & Lily

Amir said...

Love and miss you Ralphie