Saturday, May 24

Willy Nilly Silly Ol' Bear

This is Pooh Bear. He was surrendered because he is aggressive toward other dogs, and his family were at their wits' end. It took us a long time to get an opening for a dog-aggressive dog in our foster homes. Our homes for troubled dogs are full most of the time, so we were glad his family weren't in a hurry.
Pooh Bear made the trip from Southern California to Oregon in a two day transport with 4 other dogs. One of our volunteers drove from LA to San Jose with the Wild Bunch (Jubal, Cocoa and Graciella), Pooh Bear and Rodney. One of our volunteers drove down in her trailer and rig from central Oregon to Davis to pick them up. She slept over with them and then drove them up to their foster homes in the Pacific Northwest--another 12 hour drive.
We need more foster homes. And we need people who can transport. If you have the rig and the time, why not become a volunteer and help us move these dogs to foster families who can help them? If you have the time and the room, why not become a volunteer and help ease some of the foster home crowding around the country? You can volunteer by getting in touch with our volunteer coordinator Kathi.
We'd appreciate the help. And so would grumbly ol' Pooh Bear.
The Frog Princess

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