Tuesday, April 7


Never let it be said that Frenchies are dogs without quirks.

Briolette's foster mom has discovered that incoming Briolette requires privacy for her toiletting.  Foster mom says: "I think I finally figured it out. She likes "privacy" when she takes care of her business. She will not potty on a walk and even in the backyard if I stand out there beside her she will not go, no matter how long we are there. I would end up giving up and then when she would come inside, she would sneak off and poop in the house. So I came up with a plan, we go outside to the yard and then I step around the corner of the house where she can't see me but I can see her, then she will go."

Foster sister to the left, private piddler to the right

Frenchies are nutty, declares

The Frog Princess