Tuesday, May 13

The Bark Heard Round the World!

Bertha, Oklahoma 10

Interested in joining the growing numbers of Americans appalled by and working to change the conditions of commercial breeding kennels, aka puppymills?
If you are in the neighborhood, or even if you have to make a special trip, here's something worth doing on a lovely May evening:

Smeagol, NC10, and Bumble, PA8

The Bark Heard Around the World

What: Puppymill Rescue & Beverly Animal Shelter - Awareness Day
When: May 17, 2008 10am - 4 pm
Where: Yates County Fairgrounds, Penn Yan, NY
Info: Candlelight Vigil Friday, May 16 @ 8pm next to Yates Chamber of Commerce in Geneva NY on Rts 5 & 20. Remembering all the ones who never knew freedom and the ones still held captive.

Yaya, Georgia puppymill survivor

Print out some photos to carry of the Oklahoma 10, the PA 8, the NC10, or any of the other puppymill refugees FBRN has brought out of the darkness.

Twiggy,NC10, and friend, Ted E 1 Toof, a survivor of the Woodley case

Go if you can, meet like-minded folk and learn more about how to stamp out the pernicious evil that leaves dogs blind, lame, emotionally and physically scarred for the sake of a buck.

Wishing the realm of the Frog Princess weren't so far away from the magical sounding Penn Yan,
The Frog Princess
PS Read more about the infamous Woodley case.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! It never ceased to amaze me, what people will do to animals.

Is there a place for me to get more info about the Woodley case? I'm not familiar with it. I try to keep up with some of the other things going on, but that one is not on the list.