Friday, May 9

Nigel 1, Newfie Nuffin!

It's a fairly well known and accepted fact among Frenchie fanciers that French bulldogs are not terribly bright, as a rule. And the ones who are smart, it is also widely acknowledged, use their talents for evil and not for good.

Case in point: Young Nigel.

As you see in these photos, our naughty boy Nigel is in the habit of engaging a Newfoundland dog in Frenchie wrasslin. Now, let us do the math on the likelihood that a frog will overcome a Newfie in any contest of strength: Average Frenchie weight: 22 pounds. Average Newfie weight: 120 pounds.

See what we mean? Not the sharpest tack in the box, our beloved frogs. More hair than sense, we'd say.

But what these French bulldogs may lack in brainpower, they make up in luck. Nigel is a lucky dog today. His foster sister has clearly decided to throw the match.

Nigel: 1; Newfie: nuffin!

The Frog Princess


Monica and John said...

Whadda ya mean "not bright"? Why, even our trainer (who has worked with a couple of Frenchies) says that they are incredibly bright and clever. Mine would have an OTCH if we didn't have so many other things going on. He was potty trained in 2 days. We personally think that the Frenchies are so incredibly bright that they can manipulate the fanciers with their fantabulous charms....

Lots of love from Tallahassee!

Jeanne said...

"Not bright"? You've got to be kidding. Last night we had severe thunderstorms with a tornado warning so I took FBRN grad Eva into a downstairs bathroom to wait out the storm. I was lying on the floor reading but the floor was too cold and hard for her. So Eva problem solved her situation, climbed on top of me, stretched out on my chest and stomach, then p0

Jeanne said...

Eva promptly went to sleep, snoring in my ear. I think Eva is a brilliant problem solving frog dog and if she had written the blog message, she would have copied and pasted the ending. Unlike myself who didn’t double check before I sent the original. :)