Friday, May 30

A Mighty Hunter

From Roma's foster mom: "Roma's new game is to play hide ans seek. She thinks if she can't see you then you can't see her. I will have to make a video of her playing. She is so funny to watch when she runs and stalks her toys."

The mighty hunter pauses, lifts her head to smell the wind, and takes a silent step-- another, one more, and--
she pounces!

Another insolent stuffie meets its doom.

No match for the mighty Roma's stuffy-seeking skills.

Thankfully, stuffies are not endangered in the mighty hunter's habitat, comments
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Cuteness overdose!

Frenchie Tink said...

My Goodness, She is soooo cute!

RHz said...


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until this baby is available for adoption. She will be available for adoption right? She's not taken yet, is she?

Anonymous said...

What a doll -- how big is she?