Monday, May 12

Oooo! A challenge has been posted!

We see that Abilene's foster page is the site of a thrown gauntlet! A challenge, no less.

Texans! Will you stand idly by and allow some upstart Tennessee gal to call you out? Are you chicken or can you say with brash Texas confidence that the infamous yellow rose of Texas is the only yellow anyone will find in the state?

Here's what it says: "Tennessee Volunteer Frogs are challenging the Texas Longhorn Frogs on this one - GO VOLS - The REAL UT!!!"

Now, don't shoot the messenger, wheedles
The Frog Princess


Ashley said...

As Abilene's foster mom, I second that. She's doing awesome by the way.


Pierre's Mom said...

Okay, so I'm not from Texas but have entertained the thought of moving there some day so I'll toss this little gal some cash!

Common! Anyone care to join me?