Tuesday, May 27


Missy came to us an independent gal, happy to lie in the sunshine and gnaw on a nylabone. Today, she's growing more affectionate, she's interacting some with her foster siblings and she's acting more like a frog and less like a kitty. You can read her available page bio here. Surprisingly, this girl has had very few applications! Check her out--she's waiting to be recognized for the 14 pound
prima donna she is!

We got this note this weekend from Missy's foster mom:
"Missy is doing so much better than when she first came in. She is doing okay with small groups of dogs going outside to potty. I was home over the long weekend so I had opportunity to let her out often. She rarely used the papers. She has actually played a minute or two with my little frenchie mix Brie and my bully boy Hoss.
When with us she is giving us more attention than the toys which is great.

I am very happy with her progress!!!

I was so happy with her that I think I might have scared her (not really) but at one point I was rubbing her as she lay beside me. I stopped and she actually took her nose and put it under my hand so that I would start again. I grabbed her up and hugged her! She just looked at me like I was crazy!

It's little things that I get excited about :)"

It takes some of our frogs a little longer than others to reveal their true personality. Missy is nobody's fool, but she's not made of stone, either.

She's a good girl, and she's looking for someone to rub her ears and a family to love. Could be it's you and yours.

The Frog Princess


soyasa said...

Missy looks like a delight. Unfortunately, with dogs and cats scattered all over our house, she wouldn't be happy with us. However, I will say a little prayer that someone who can't live without her comes calling soon!

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion: Change Missy's main picture on her bio page and you should receive more applications.