Monday, May 5

Olaf Takes the Plunge!

All across the land of the Frog Princess, we hear a splashy, splishy, splashy sound:

It is the sound of baby pools being dragged down from the garage rafters where they spent the winter in patient plastic drydock. And now, now they are once again seeing the light of day and their colorful, cooling depths are once again offering moist happiness to too-hot frogs.

Here is Olaf, currently fostering in the desert regions of the southwestern United States. He is learning about the pleasures of the piccolo pond as he plays with oranges afloat on the surface.

Remember that Frenchies overheat very easily, even on coolish days, when the sun is out. If your Frenchie's tongue curls up and he is panting heavily, get out of the sun, get into a cool bath and get that body temperature down. And it should go without saying that if a Frenchie is around a body of water deeper than his shoulders, he should have a life-vest on!

90 per cent of Frenchies swim like bricks. Don't ever take a chance that your Frenchie won't fall in a pool or won't jump in, just because he never has before. If you have a pool and a Frenchie, you have a prescription for tragedy. Keep that pool as secure as if you had a perpetual toddler staggering around, watch your Frenchie like a hawk, and you'll reduce the risk of losing your froggy friend to a watery end.

Does Olaf eat the oranges? wonders
The Frog Princess

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