Tuesday, May 13

Famous in New York State!

We wish to thank Nancy Fasoldt, author of this piece, which appeared today in The Pet Dish on Syracuse.com!

The dogs in question: Meredith, Kirby and Brook

Kirby, navigator extraordinaire!

Brook, enjoying the passing scenes of bucolic NY state!

Thanks to all the dedicated FBRN volunteers who gave up hours of their Saturday to chauffeur these happy hounds over the border and through the woods to their foster homes in O! Canada!

And many thanks to Nancy, tireless laborer for the 4th Estate, in consideration of her help in getting the word out about our homeless Frenchies--many of whom are definitely members of the 5th Estate--from

The Frog Princess

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Amy said...

Kirby and Meredith,
I miss you both! Hope you are having fun with Brook and being good little (well, not so little) Frenchies!!!