Thursday, May 15

Bunker's Family Checks in!

Bunker's family has sent an update on this charismatic wunderhund!

"Bunker is doing great. What an absolute joy he is. I can't image us having found a dog with a better temperment. He has the perfect mix of affection and adorable enthusiam. The way he gets excited is absolutely precious but instead of a long tail
to wag he shakes his whole hind quarters. Bunker appears to have 3 favorite past times: 1) Playing with his big brother Logan (our soon to be 7-year-old son); 2) sitting on my lap at night in our recliner while I brush him and clean his eyes; 3) and of course, sleeping. He learning why he goes out for walks now and actually looks forward to them. His housebreaking is progressing as his wee-wee pad is moving progressively closer to the front door.

The whole family has been by to visit at least once since we brought him home including all four grandparents, two uncles, two aunts, and his nearly 1-year-old cousin. He is also the star of our neighborhood. The children in our neighborhood can't get enough of him. It seems everyone he meets fall in love with him

This week coming up Bunker will be visiting our vet and groomers for a first-time introduction. Also, Bunker and I will be registering for our 8-week doggie training class.

Let me say we just can't thank you and the FBRN enough for finding and taking care of Bunker and of course, allowing us to adopt him. It feels like he has always been with us. He has become fixture in our home that we don't know how we ever lived without.

So thank you again.

Bunker's family"

What a wonderful placement for Bunker! Bunker is a puppy mill survivor. The shelter staff at the shelter where he taken for treatment and assessment after the raid really wanted to keep this delightful, silly boy as a shelter mascot. Instead, they generously decided to offer him up to a forever family. We hope the staff will see this post, and know their decision was a good one. We are so pleased and proud to have played a part in this happy placement!

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Is that photo of the 2 boys sleeping not the MOST precious thing you ever saw?! Yay for Bunker & thx FBRN!