Tuesday, May 6

Raffle in Progress!

Say, did you know there's a raffle going on on the main FBRN page?

It's a gorgeous handmade quilt featuring some of our fosters from the past year.

The mom of one of our volunteers made it. It's really something--look how the stitching follows the curves of the flower petals!

50x50 inches. Plenty of room to snuggle under with a friendly Frenchie friend!

Scroll down to the bottom of the website page and take a look! Tickets are only $5 each and 5 for $20! The raffle ends Thursday, so get a wiggle on!

Oo! Speaking of wiggles...

TAKE THAT! There's cute in your eye!

From a land where the roses have yet to bloom this year,
The Frog Princess

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