Wednesday, April 29

Rosalie Finds a Comfy Spot

Foster girl Rosalie was abandoned or lost in a park and being tormented by children, when a Good Samaritan jogger picked her up as Rosalie tried to follow her home. Frenchies are such people-centered dogs, it is hard to imagine the level of anxiety a lost or abandoned French bulldog must feel.

We are so relieved that Rosalie found one caring person in a parkful of people to take her in and find us. We'll make sure she'll be loved and safe until a family can be selected for her.

Meanwhile, Rosalie is resting by the fireplace and enjoying the comfy bed she recently received from a supporter.

Sure beats being stoned and harried by precious little kiddies, doesn't it? grumps

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

ah, yes, precious human glad that miss rosalie is safe and comfy now. she looks so happy in her fireside bed! lucas has one too, but he likes to snuggle on the couch with me instead. and on my bed. why use his own, when mom is warm and comfy and snuggle-worthy?
lucas's mom

Anonymous said...

What??? Somebody gave Rosalie a FIREPLACE??? Wait till Joey One Eye catches wind of that!

JennH said...

Well, glad to see she is in good hands now. I hope she gets loads of cuddling time and that bed looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

The thought of anyone tormenting a poor little Frenchie just brings a tear to my eye. Give Rosalie a kiss on her noggin for me!