Thursday, April 23

Jeremy's New Home

From time to time, we get little notes from our adopters letting us know how their dogs are doing. We got this note from the woman who adopted foster Jeremy (now called Bailey):

"I'm sorry it's taken so long to get these to you! Better late than never I hope!! ; )

It's been almost 2 yrs. since my beloved 11 yr. old Rottie, Kain passed away. I've missed his companionship so much, but I knew that getting another puppy (especially an active or large breed) was out of the question. My physical disability limits the activities I can do with a dog. I have fostered dogs and have 4 grandogs, they all love being with me but I can't give them the kind of training and exercise they want and need. Then my son told me about FBRN. When I saw those sweet, sometimes sad little "froggy faces" then read their bios--I knew among this breed was a perfect match for me!

When I saw Jeremy's picture he was so cute I had to know everything about him. When I read how he needed someone that was "a homebody" because of his separation anxiety, I knew I had found my perfect match!!

Thankfully, all of you at FBRN agreed and allowed me the privilege of adopting Jeremy, who I have renamed "Bailey".

Bailey has been with me now in his forever home for 5 weeks and I can't imagine life without him now! He is my little shadow. We have great conversations as we go about our day. ; ) He loves to snuggle up and watch TV with me at night until we both fall asleep.
Then in the morning I usually get woken up by a little furry paw touching my cheek to see if I'm ready to play tug, his favorite game!!

Bailey also has 3 four legged cousins to play with quite often. He says, "he really enjoys family days. The four-way tug game can get pretty rowdy, but when everyone has tired of tug and tag the sofa is pretty cozy and there's always someone willing to scratch your tummy or that spot on the back of your neck you just can't reach! I miss my foster family, but I think this family needed me more, especially my new mommy!"

...I wanted you to know how thankful I am to have this little guy...

Blessings to all,
P W and Bailey

Four way tug of war? Sounds like a new Olympic sport to

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

These two look comfy together! Looks like fate did an awesome job of crossing their paths.