Monday, April 27

The Frog Princess is in Love

with a man named Stu Bykofsky.


Anonymous said...

Me too -- and I play for a different team! Brava, FP, for posting the link to Mr. Bykofsky's column.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how sad it makes me that FBRN felt compelled to link to this highly inflammatory and political opinion piece. In the past year I've become increasingly aware of the divide between shelters/rescues and the dog owning public, some of whom are breeders. While I have no doubt that both (all?) sides care about animals, they are doing damage to each other because they've lost the ability to speak a common language. It's not only in the arena of breeding vs. not-breeding, but also in defining what an appropriate dog home/family looks like. I had thought FBRN was different and have been happy to share a little discretionary income with some of the unfortunate Frenchies that have found their way to this rescue's doorstep. I hope that I will find cause to continue to do so.

FBRN Yvette's Foster Mom said...

The link was to a specific article on commercial kennels in PA. PA is known as the puppymill capital of the Eastern US. PA law clearly defines a commercial kennel: "A commercial kennel is any kennel that breeds or whelps dogs and sells or transfers a dog (even one dog) to a dealer or pet shop kennel OR,
A commercial kennel is any kennel that breeds or whelps dogs and sells or transfers more than 60 dogs per calendar year." No RESPONSIBLE breeder sells their puppies without knowing where the puppy will be going or without a contract stating the puppy/dog is to be returned to the breeder if for any reason the owner can/will not care for the dog.

There are many, many responsible breeders in rescue and who volunteer at shelters. Once you have fostered or adopted a commercial kennel (read puppymill) survivor, you are changed forever and you do admire any columnist willing to speak out and provoke intelligent discussion on the subject.

Bravo, Frog Princess! We love us some Stu B here!!

Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree. I do not believe that shelters/rescues are against the dog owning public or even RESPONSIBLE breeders. To me I classify a responsible breeder as one that only has a few select breedings for the improvement of their breed, who are responsible for their puppies for life, and whom give back to their breed by being involved in rescue.

They are however against the mass production of puppies such as the stories on this link.

Shelters, rescues, and responsible breeders are here to clean up the mess of people like this.

I would like to know where you are getting your information and what you find so offensive about this link.

I would hope that you would continue to support shelters/rescue as we are truly here for the animals.