Sunday, April 26

Billy, Don't Be a Hero!

Ah, there is nothing we like better than inserting earworms into the unsuspecting brains of our readers! But introducing a new Frenchie is a close second!

Young Billy has been brightening the lives of his foster parents for several weeks, now. He's had cherry eye surgery to correct those crazy peepers, and he's making himself right at home. Here's the first report we got from his foster mom:

"I am happy to introduce Billy Boy, FBRN's newest foster! Billy wound up in a NYC high-kill shelter after being found wandering all alone in Brooklyn. No one claimed him, and i picked him up from the shelter on Saturday. Billy Boy is estimated to be about 3 years old, currently weighs 24 pounds, but should be 28-30, needs to be neutered, and has cherry eyes. The poor boy is not at all housebroken - he must have been kept indoors all the time because the padding on his feet are so soft and have started to bleed after a few walks on the city streets. In addition, he has had chronic diarrhea since they found him last thursday, and was just started on metronidazole and panacur today to help clear it up and gain some weight! Don't know what kind of rough life Billy endured beforehand, but if you raise your voice or go to pet him too fast, he flattens his body to the ground to brace himself. Poor thing.

The good news is that he seems to get along with all dogs he has met so far. He is super sweet, and wants nothing more than to crawl in your lap and smother you with kisses. He is a total lover boy. He needs to learn basic commands as well, which should be no problem because he is VERY food motivated. He has me laughing.... he is so stubborn that he wouldn't go out in the rain this morning, so I had to carry him 2 blocks to where there's scaffolding to stand under and do his business and not get wet. At other times, since his feet hurt him, he parks himself in the middle of the sidewalk and refuses to walk until I carry him 2 blocks to one of the few patches of grass in Hoboken, where it's soft on his feet and he will walk around. I also think he is younger than 3, because he apparently thinks my coffee table is a chew toy as I sit and type this!

This cute little boy will get neutered and have cherry eye surgery on Monday"

And here's her post-surgery note:
"When i picked up Billy from a NYC shelter last weekend, we knew he needed cherry eye surgery and to be neutered. But when I brought him in for a checkup and surgery on Monday, the vet said he could benefit from having his nares widened, and would look at his palate while under anesthesia. Turns out the poor boy's palate extended all the way into his trachea! So little Billy had cherry eye surgery, nares done, palate done, and was neutered all in one night. He didn't know what hit him!

But today the little boy is acting like nothing has phased him. He has more energy than before, is (trying) to run around (when i'm not keeping him crated so he can
rest), and wants to play with his toys. He is so funny.... he is just like a little puppy even though he's about 3 years old. He entertains himself by tossing the ball and then fetching it for himself. On walks, he picks up sticks and leaves to eat and munch on. At least he is getting the hang of housebreaking and isn't peeing in his crate as much anymore!

Well, what this boy lacks in genetics and housebreaking, he certainly makes up for in personality. I don't think you can get much more lovable. My dogs will snap at him, and he just goes on his merry way in a different direction. Not a bad bone in his body.

Billy still needs to gain more weight. He came from the shelter at 23.5 pounds, and was 25.2 pounds when he went in for surgery 8 days later. He still has another 3-5 more to gain so I don't feel his backbone or ribs anymore.

Whoever adopts this boy is going to be one lucky family. If you've been looking for another addition to your family with a great personality, this guy's the one (as long as you don't mind a little housebreaking reinforcement).

Oh, and I wasn't going to foster him, but he has weasled his way under my skin, and i just can't imaging not picking out and knowing where his permanent home will be. So i will be fostering him through to his adoption!"

Another update:

"Billy is SUCH an awesome dog! He is very puppy-like in his behavior... steals tissues that fall on the floor, chews the coffee table, get the zoomies and torpedos himself onto the sofa... someone is going to be a lucky person to adopt him!! Believe me, I've already been trying to figure out how I can handle adopting a 3rd dog in my small apartment. Can someone close to the NYC area adopt him so I can still visit him??!! hee hee...."

And, from his available page bio, some last words from the foster mom:

"Billy is one of the sweetest, most lovable dogs I have come across. The best way to describe him is innocent and puppy-like. He definitely needs some obedience training to learn things like not to eat whatever he finds on the ground outside! He is a charming little dog, and passersby constantly stop to give him attention. He seems like he is so happy with life, and just loves chewing his bones, playing fetch, and loving his people. Even if no one plays with him, he will toss a ball and fetch it himself. Whoever adopts him is going to be one lucky family!"

My, my, my. This foster mom's love for this little frog is just palpable, isn't it? We have the best foster families in all of dog rescue, claims

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh Billy, I hope your eyes feel much better now. You've got the cutest mug and I hope you get your very own version of a perfect loving family soon!

Logan said...

I just applied for you then I found this blog and it made me so happy that I did... I really hope I get to meet you and take you home!

Robin said...

Billy, I saw your new pics posted....your peepers look AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I see that Billy has not gone to pending status....he appears to be a great dog. I didn't believe my home was the perfect fit for him so I didn't apply....come on Frenchie lovers.....APPLY!