Thursday, April 23

Hubba Bubba!

Here's a remarkable story from a woman who works as a vet tech and who seized the chance to be a hero to a homeless frog:

"A few days before Christmas, the local Animal Control officer brought in a male black/brindle Frenchie (whowas estimated to be between 6-7 years old by our doctor).

He was brought inbecause he was hit by a car (a witness, who called Animal Control, said someone purposely swerved to hit him). I fell in love with him instantly, and decided to take care of his medical needs and foster him for a few months until I felt comfortable handing him over to FBRN. (I frequently check up on the website to see the latest news and progress of the foster Frenchies, and donated money this past Christmas. I greatly admire all of the wonderful people in the FBRN who care for all the Frenchies in need).

Let me tell you a little more about "Bubba":
As I said, he was hit by a car, and needed immediate medical care. Animal Control can only afford to do so much, and his care exceeded their allotment per pet, and he would have been euthanized especially because of his age. I couldn't stand the thought of him being euthanized, so I decided to take on his medical bills. We did x-rays, and luckily, he had no broken bones. He was, however, suffering from shock from the auto incident.

Upon examining him, we noted that he was underweight, had poor coat/skin quality (probably from a lack of a quality diet), and had severe deformations of his ears.
The ear deformations weren't from ear infections that turned into hematomas, rather, our doctor said it looked like his ears had been "chewed on" by another animal. That being said, I wasn't about to wait around 5 days for someone to claim him (he wouldn't have made it that long without immediate treatment for shock). So, we treated him, gave him I.V.'s, and had him board with us until he was stable.

In the meantime, I placed an ad in the paper in case someone was looking for him. Honestly, I was praying no one would claim him, because he was so poorly cared for, it would break my heart to send him back to that life. After the five days were up, the
officer signed him over to me, and I continued his treatment.

When bloodwork was drawn, it showed his liver functions were not up to par because of the effects of the shock trauma. He was put on a liver supplement (Marin) and we waited a little while longer to re-test his blood values. When we re-tested them, the values had greatly improved, and he was able to begin the next stage of treatment: vaccinations and neutering.

He had a retained testicle (which added on to the cost of surgery), but it was a breeze to have it removed while going through the neuter surgery. While having surgery, I had him implanted with a microchip, had his teeth scaled and polished, and gave him the first round of vaccinations (DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies). He pulled through like a champ, and was ready to go home with me the following day.

He has been in my care since then, and has improved so much. His skin is no longer flaking off every time you scratch his back (which he LOVES), his coat is smooth and shiny, and has put on a good amount of weight. He got a second round of DHLPP and Bordetella, and is now fully vaccinated. He is also on heartworm preventatives and flea control.

Bubba has never bitten anyone since I have met him, in fact, he loves to be around people. He never barks when someone comes to the door, but he is right there to greet them. He is a very mellow, loving dog, who loves to give kisses and sit on your lap.

His only "behavioral" problem is that he is very food-oriented. He never seems to get enough! He cannot be free-fed, because he would try to eat a whole bag of dog food if it was left out. Currently, his only health problem is that he had a "hot spot" right above his anus and on the underside of his tail. He is almost finished with the course of antibiotics and topical medication.

The reason that I am "surrendering" him is because I already have three dogs at home, and four dogs doesn't let me give each dog the attention they deserve. I apologize in advance that I am not able to offer a donation to his new foster family, but I have spent over $1,300.00 since I began taking care of him so that FBRN wouldn't be burdened with that large of a medical bill. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be able to keep him permanently, but when our eyes first met, I knew he deserved a real chance at happiness.

I hope that I have given you enough information on Bubba, and that someone within FBRN will be able to find him a forever home where he will be loved as much as he would love his owner. Please let me know if there is anything that you can do to help, I greatly appreciate it. And, I'm sure that Bubba will appreciate it too."

Hubba Bubba will be on our new faces section of the foster page next week, in case you'd like to stop by and make a donation to sponsor him.

What a wonderful thing this woman has done for a strange and needy Frenchie. Please join us in thanking her for her generous and selfless gift to Hubba Bubba. Without her, he'd be as dead as that driver intended him to be.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say thank you to the person who took Hubba Bubba in. I rescued my Bronco and I am forever greatful to the person who found him because if it weren't for that person I would have never had the bond that Bronco and I share. So, Thanks for paying it forward!

Anonymous said...

Hubba Bubba's angel deserves a place of honor in every rescue dog's heart!

sjk said...

Dear Hubba Bubba's rescuer,

You certainly don't have to apologize for not making a donation after spending all that money (and time) to make sure FBRN will be taking in a healthy little frog! You are a kind and generous soul. Hubba Bubba is very lucky and so is his future forever family.