Friday, November 17

Sophie Has a Home

Sophie, our little cyclone in a dog, has found a forever home in a men-only household. Having taken an intense dislike to women, Sophie will be living with her adoptive dad and his dad in a lovely home with Frenchie brother, Clarke, an FBRN grad and one of the deli dozen; Frenchie sister Chloe; and Pug sister Daphne.
We believe that Sophie will be happy in her fenced yard and will never want for playmates in her home. Happy landings, Sophie! calls
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

also,we are glad to have some happy news to take with us into our dreams.. good luck little sophie

Anonymous said...

lol.. alas i am still learning how to post.. the beginning to the also comment was this: smart girl sophie,living in a house with all men! :)