Wednesday, November 29

A Rose by Any Other Name: Smeagol

A little over a year ago, the NC10 came into FBRN's care. Last month, Smeagol celebrated with a little chicken liver doggy-cake and a colorful new shirt. Handsome as ever, and now with gravy-fresh breath!

O gentle Smeagolo,
If thou dost love, pronounce it faithfully!

Your Juliet,
The Frog Princess


Pattie said...

Aw, I just love that boy. He looks so handsome in his new shirt. So glad to see he has a wonderful life now. What a sweetie he is.

anita said...

aww smeagol... how she shows you the love... that and the witty prose... that is how we know our princess is back to business :)

Anonymous said...

My heart gets all twitter- patted when I see him!!

Anonymous said...

someone cannot get enough of handsome Smeagol. who could it be?! he certainly gives ample reason to fall smitten.

goodbrothercadfael said...

When we first started visiting the Frenchie rescue site, Smeagol was featured and we read his very sad story. I am so glad to see he is so well and so happy. What a sweet boy!

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