Tuesday, November 7

Cosmo Plans a Caper

This is Cosmo. To look at him, no one would ever guess that beneath this generous exterior lurks the persona of a canine kingpin. Watch as the story of Cosmo's latest caper unfolds before your eyes.

Here is Cosmo, grinning high and wide, working hard to lull his foster family into a sense of security, a feeling of confidence that such a large and happy fellow would have few thoughts of...freedom!

We surprise Cosmo in the midst of an exercise routine. Too late, too late, we wonder: what would a dog of that noble stature need with strength and aerobic training? For what nefarious purpose would a happy lapdog require such stamina and muscle?

As the day wears on, young Cosmo's activities grow more confusing to our observer. Cosmo calls a meeting with his foster siblings, with promises of Frenchie fun and Frenchie wrassling.

And yet, once gathered to him, the Frenchie conclave does not engage in chase me games or wrassling or even a pleasantly companionable Kong and Gummabone gnawfest. No, these three have something more in mind than fun and games. Something...more.

Oh, yes! Escape is at the root of all this plotting! Escape and freedom and a wild scampering to the center of the village, where, identity tags and Voters' Guides in hand, these proud Frenchie-Americans will cast their VOTES!

Go, thou, and do likewise.

This shaggy dog story brought to you as a public service by
The Frog Princess

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Frog Princess, you outdo yourself each and every blog.