Thursday, November 2

Dewey and Baxter, Waiting

Here's a photo of one of our foster boys, Dewey, and his pied foster brother, Baxter. They are finished with their own meal and they are gazing, with a yearning so painful it transmits itself to one's own watering mouth, at the dish that their foster sister has so tantalizingly left a spoonful of dinner in.O! The evil workings of the Frenchie girl's heart! She has these two boys wrapped around her paw, and she knows they will not dare to eat her leftovers, so she walks away from the last few bites and lets the boys break their salivary glands with desire.
And then, just when they dare to hope that she doesn't really want that last wee bit, Allie the Evil Genius swans back into the room and daintily consumes the final morsels before their wondering eyes.
O! Allie! Shame and fie upon your tricksy nature! You'll be sad when Dewey has gone to his new home and only Baxter remains to taunt and tease.
In the deathless words of the Bard:
"I am ashamed that women are so simple
To offer war when they should kneel for peace...."

Well, maybe not ashamed, since we are ourselves unrepentantly shrewish from time to time. But Allie! Be nice! commands
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Frog Princess, you have a wonderful way with words!

Anonymous said...

But Princess, protests the admiring throng, Allie IS being wondrous kind! Just think of the mischief she is preventing her cohorts from getting into, by occupying them thus! And, they seem to be getting a type of painful pleasure from their longing experience! To paraphrase our Vulcan friend, "to have is not so pleasant a thing as wanting."

Pattie said...

I loved the Vulcan quote & the Princess'way with words also. Our Katie loves doing the "Watch me eat & long for it while I do" trick with Bubba. He falls for it every time.

Anonymous said...

Those poor boys! But Frog Princess, how do you know Allie's behavior so well? Have you been known to tease and taunt a poor Frenchie lad staring longingly at your bowl--I mean, your silver buffet of salmon delicacies?

p.s. I would like to invite Dewey and Foster to my home to show my Frenchie-Hog a few manners! Wonderful picture of them :)