Wednesday, November 15

Kaspar Meditating in the Marigolds

When Kaspar was 15 weeks old, his family had him evaluated by a professional trainer following some incidences of misbehavior, including biting, barking and insubordination. The trainer saw something...evil in Kaspar. Said he was incorrigible. Said he needed killin'.

Crushed and incapable of euthanizing such a young dog, the family surrendered Kaspar to FBRN. Turns out Kaspar is a bit of a tough case, and after a number of applicants backed out upon reflecting on the kind of commitment and consistency Kaspar would require, his foster family asked if they could adopt him. Kaspar is a very happy dog in his new home, rarely showing evidence of the depraved and criminal character he had been accused of hiding behind that black mask.

Kaspar has grown to be a very interesting young beast. When he gets upset or overstimulated, he goes into the garden and sits in the flowers until he calms down. Here's Kaspar, practicing biofeedback in the backyard.

Would that we were all as wise as this handsome creature, wistfully wishes
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Kaspar, you look so lovely among the flowers. I'm SO glad your first family found FBRN, and that through FBRN you found your forever home (with a quiet place for you)!

Cheers to you and your foster, now forever family! You are a sweet duck and it makes me so happy to read that your people have welcomed your goodness as well as your darker parts into their lives. They are to be commended for their loving kindness!

anita said...

im glad kaspar found his forever family. its very hard to hear one of your children arent worth the effort to save them. his family is very fine indeed!

anita said...

also.. we are glad the frog princess is back! we missed her comments and insights here in the kingdom