Saturday, November 4

Louis Saws Some Logs

You'll recall that young Louis was moved from the Philadelphia area to New England when his foster brother, the inimitable Shortstack, began to tire of his company.
We got a note last week to let us know that Louis has settled in quite nicely, and a photo to provide evidence that Louis is suffering not a bit from shortness of Shorty. Here's a note from Louis' foster mom: "As you can see.....Louis is right at home sleeping in bed. He is quite the character. If you get in bed and push him over to make's like he has a bungy cord on him. He springs right back to where he was. He just loves to sleep plastered against you. This poor little guy is just so starved for love and attention. I can't get out of his sight for a moment without him screaming. I just love him...he is soooo sweet. He will make someone a wonderful companion."
As long as the bed is wide and the companion is narrow, we think Louis will be a fine bedwarmer and bunkmate, teases
The Frog Princess

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Amy Peno, NH said...

Louis is TOO cute!! Our English Bully sleeps the same way...with her head on our pillow, snoring softly in our ears.