Wednesday, February 8

Truffle and Brulee

For those supporters and friends of FBRN who have been around a long time, Truffle and Brulee are familiar faces. 

Surrendered as an older bonded pair 5 years ago, they spent years on our available page without a nibble.  When they got quite old and started suffering from age-related ailments, they were moved, together, to the hospice page.

Truffle and Brulee were a happy old couple and they enjoyed their lives in the warmth of Florida.  

In early January, at the cusp of turning 15, Truffle--the dignified brindle girl in these photos-- passed away in her sleep.  Two weeks ago, Brulee--a clownish, outgoing cream--died of pneumonia.

Certainly, these were two old dogs, and there may be nothing remarkable in their passing away within a month of each other.  But they were very bonded, and we wonder if Brulee wanted to be where Truffle went.

These photos were taken at Truffle's last birthday party.  We love the expression on Brulee's face as she watches Truffle sing "Happy Birthday" to himself and dig in to his cake. 

Wherever they are, we hope they are together, celebrating every day.

Our heart goes out to the wonderful foster family who cared for these two wonderful frogs for all these years.  

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Truffle and Brulee were the first dogs I looked at when I am checking out the foster page. Not even knowing them, I will miss their dear little faces. DoGspeed, sweeties.

Anonymous said...

Those are lives well lived. My condolences to their people and thank you for giving them everything they ever wanted.

Two French Bulldogs said...

beautiful pups..they couldn't have lived their lives out in a more purfect place
Benny & Lily