Tuesday, February 21

Paulie Walnuts Dreams of Sheep

Many years ago, Hollywood imagined what might happen if a passel of city folk found themselves embroiled in the culture of the deep country.  My Cousin Vinny was a big success and is still getting lots of play on family room screens.

Paulie Walnuts, recently of the sophisticated megalopolis that is New Jersey, has made a shift in his residence not unlike Vinny's.  From the New Jersey urban landscape to a sheep farm in rural Virginia, Paulie Walnuts has made friends all along the way, and he has learned to appreciate a life pastoral.

In fact, Paulie Walnuts is enjoying his locale so much he's begun to think of himself as a sheepdog.

Do I hear you laughing?  Sure, make fun.  Like you'd blend.

Paulie Walnuts has developed a keen eye for any potential trespassers.   Coyotes.   Drunken college boys out to tip some sleepy sheep.  Wool rustlers who can flip and shear a ewe in less time than it takes a barista to serve you a double mocha skinny latte with whipped cream.  Interlopers. 

He's not havin' it.
Paulie Walnuts keeps his ears open for any cries of sheeply dismay.

He makes his rounds, checking in with his lieutenants in the field.

Paulie Walnuts never rests.

He's a hero for our times, really, proclaims

The Frog Princess


abbie said...

Oh, my, I have no words for this. We LOVE you, Paulie!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You rock Paulie. You have a very responsible job to do
Benny & Lily

Melissa Baker said...

He would be so perfect on our ranch! Yes, we have sheep.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story

Datis said...

THis is my dog kingston's twin! He's pretty much got the exact same markings! He's even got a black splotch on his tail


spinningkat said...

I love your story as I also have some smushy faced dogs that have taken well to my sheep here in Virginia. I think this guy is very lucky in that you have provided such a lovely place for dogs. We hope to add to our doggy family soon here on our farm. We love happy dogs.
Kat in Cumberland, VA