Wednesday, February 8

Adventuresome Frenchie!

On the occasion of her sixth birthday, FBRN grad Lolo (Merlot), accompanied her family on a camping trip in the Colorado mountains.

Frenchies are great city and apartment dogs, as we all know, because they are rather compact, and because they generally do not require a great deal of exercise.

This is not to say, however, that a Frenchie cannot enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors!  Plenty of Frenchies enjoy a hike through the forest and up hill and down dale!  Some terrain can be tough on even the most active dog's paws.  Volcanic rock, glacial shale, summer snowfields are all hard on paws.  Lolo's family was prepared though, and they trained her to be carried in a baby carrier for when the shale got too sharp or the ice and old snow threatened to do damage to Lolo's pads.

But on safer paths, Lolo hiked up and down the Colorado mountain and even spent some time guarding the campsite against the predations of wild animals.  Bears.  Porcupines.  Chipmunks.  They all want Lolo's kibble. The price of dinner is eternal vigilance.

But eventually, even the most active, eagle-eyed Frenchie will need a nap.

Happy birthday to Lolo! from

The Frog Princess


Two French Bulldogs said...

Lolo all you are missing is a little backpack, adorable
Benny & Lily

KarenTX said...

Rock on, Lolo!!

debra said...

Now that's one lucky froggie!!!