Sunday, February 19

A Smoky Tale

Our volunteers have a great time supporting each other.  Here's a story about Smoky, a spinal surgery boy who has been slow to recover.  His foster mom says:

"A Smoky Tale

Once upon a time there was a special little froggie, Smoky. This special little guy was unable to walk but that didn’t stop him of dreaming about running through the park with his new best friend Mr. Cheeks.

One day, he heard about a magical parade – Muses – that would roll in his new city during Carnival. This parade krewe handed out hand decorated SHOES.

Smoky was convinced that if his new foster parents would get a magical, sexy shoe then he would be cured!

So he told his family of his plan and as luck would have it, FBRN volunteer A. was IN Muses.

So they made a sign with Smoky’s plea and held it up high when A. rolled by… and she threw JUST THE SHOE for Smoky.

He isn’t quite walking yet, but he’s getting closer and the shoe is definitely working its magic."

We know shoes are magic.  Look what they did for Dorothy!

We know someone who is keeping a good thought for young Smoky.  She calls herself

The Frog Princess

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