Tuesday, September 18

Kees Me, You Fewl!

A few weeks ago one of our website crew had a wonderful idea for a little fundraiser to help out Hercule P., a most adorable little bubble-headed boy with the worst case of mange we'd seen since poor Maurice came to us last winter.

Hair-kewl was Hair-less, and he resembled a newborn rodent more than a full grown frog. Plus, he has a bit of a neurological issue, and he tends to sort of stagger a little and his tongue perpetually hangs out, so he appears to be everlastingly under the influence of a particularly potent potable.

So given his challenges, we were quite surprised when our fundraiser began to take off. We had no idea. We had no idea that Hercule P's ridiculous face would inspire so many people to wish to kiss him and kiss him! We knew we were in love and we knew we could not resist his charms, but who could have foreseen that our wee, hairless, egg-headed, wobbly beast would collect 499 kisses from all over the entire world?

Listen. No one knows better than we do how generous our donors are.
No one knows better than we do how readily our friends step up and provide for our Frenchies in need. And yet. And yet.

And yet we were astonished at the outpouring of good wishes and kisses for this funny boy. We thank you so much for your generosity. Just incredible generosity.

We think Hercule P. just gets cuter and cuter, and, of course, his foster mom is completely smitten and lost to all sense of proportion when it comes to describing his charms. Here's her note with an update on Hercule's progress:

"I don't know how many kisses people have sent Herc... But I do know they're making him feel LOTS better. He's put on more weight (my scale isn't working so I don't know how much, but I can SEE it on him, now) and is getting better everyday.
He's learning his "sit" command, is getting a little better about house training (though he's still in diapers much of the time), and is just an all 'round healthier, happier guy. His appetite and digestion are good and his energy and stamina are great. He hasn't had any problem at all with the daily dose of Interceptor, his skin remains in good shape for a guy with such a severe case of mange, and his hair loss is totally abated. I think he's growing some hair, but that's a really slow process even in a healthy dog, so it's going to be awhile before he's sporting a good coat.
Unless something comes up, he won't go back to the vet for another 2-3 weeks, when he'll have another check up and evaluation of his progress.

I'm attaching some pictures of the new, improved M. Poirot. The first three, Herc-A, Herc-C, and Herc-Rosie, illustrate his much improved condition. He asked me to attach the last two, Herc-B and Herc-F, to be sure everyone out there in Internet Land knows "what REALLY goes on behind closed doors in those foster homes." I know there are times he would like to be rescued again--from the crazy bath lady. I think he's actually considering writing an expose! Isn't he just absolutely wonderfully pitifully precious!?"

Indeed, the boy is a perfect specimen of that phenomenon of aesthetics which causes us to find beauty in imperfection and charm in the spectacle of complete unself-consciousness in the face of disability.

499 kisses? Just the beginning. This boy is bound to collect kisses and hugs and smiles and fans where ever he goes, for his whole life! believes

The Frog Princess


Balboa & Mommy said...

Dude, if you need rescuing let me know I HATE baths too, though the cuddling afterward it nice. Just make sure you get lots of treats after those awful baths.

You have the cutest tongue if I say so myself.

Frenchie Snorts

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I could just eat him up!!!!!! ( Just don't tell my wee Zombo; he tend to be the jealous type...) Many more kisses from Zombo's Mom

Anonymous said...

As a pupmom who grew up with and has been owned by hairless (Chinese & Mexican) dogs, Herc looks perfectly normal & adorable to me, whether he ever grows more hair or not! Those Frenchie charms shine thru, regardless...lots of love and MORE kisses from Arizona!

Heather & Pumpkin said...

Pumpkin says there is nothing wrong with sticking ones tongue out from time to time and that Herc is very handsome!
Heather and Pumpkin

Anonymous said...

We think Herc is just adorable too.

Hugs and Kisses from Kansas!!

Rebecca said...

I've been waiting on an update for dear Herc! He stole my heart away from the very first moment I saw him. Please keep the adorable pics coming!

Anonymous said...

I check this board every day for updates on Herc. I think I may be obsessed with this adorable little guy. I want him! -Amy