Wednesday, September 19

Flyman Simon and St. Penny

Here, in one of only 3 documented moments, is FBRN grad Simon and his sister Penny in a rare still pose. Regard you the look of imminent mischief in Simon's eye. We give it less than 10 seconds before the boy is bounding off the bench and once more taking flight over the heads of all the wee denizens of the lawn. Ants and beetles will pause in their work to marvel at the speeding shadow above. Little grass snakes
will slither off into the safety of the tall grass while spiders take a firmer hold of their webs with all eight of their feet as the shockwaves of a broken sound barrier and the whoosh! of displaced air disturb the quiet of a late summer afternoon.

And who is that in hotfooted pursuit? It's Saint Penny! Not to be outrun by such a small and youthful animal, Penny will soon overtake and then take down the Flyman Simon in a glorious launch and tackle and engage the airborne hooligan in a lengthy some-holds-barred wrasslin' match, much to the disgust of the family's kitties, who maintain a dignified gallery presence from the porch rails.

Speaking of matches, this one appears to have been made in heaven, observes

The Frog Princess

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Balboa & Mommy said...

If I was there I'd running along side both of you, have fun tearing it up and rolling around in the grass.

Frenchie Snorts