Sunday, September 2

Cuckoo for Coco!

Remember Coco, our one-eyed Frenchie who was surrendered because she couldn't get along with another female Frenchie in the home? Look at her now!

These are photos of Coco hanging out, being good outside and not losing her mind at people on the other side of the fence. But she's also having a swell time and showing no aggression or hostility--or even any interest--in the dogs who live at her foster home. Maxx is the Siberian, above.

And this cutie-pie is Deuce. We are thinking that Coco might be ok with a very laid-back male dog, her size or larger. We'd still prefer to place her as an only dog, but she is proving herself to be less ornery than we thought she would be, at first.

And as we all know, ornery is as ornery does, reminds
The Frog Princess

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Balboa & Mommy said...

Maybe the other dogs realize how cool and wonderful Coco is?!?!?!?!

Frenchie Snorts