Sunday, April 17

Wallis Uber Alles!

This adorable young frog has plopped in among our fosters and is making himself right at home.  Though he is working through some stranger fear, he's learning the ropes and making progress.
His foster mom had this to say about him:

"There is a new man on the block. Wallis is a family surrender here in Michigan. He is a sweet little charmer who just needs to come out of his shell. Wallis is not ready to look for a family yet because of his aggression toward strangers. Every day he gets a little more accepting of unconditional love and lots of petting.

In the week he has been with us he has already become totally accepting of his crate as a rest and sleep area. He is not at all aggressive toward the other Frenchies or the cats. He does not play yet, but it will not be long until he lets his guard down and joins in the fun, I just know it. He has a little respiratory infection and needs to be neutered. Until that is done we are not putting any pressure on him to drop the aggression. We are hoping it will happen naturally and everything will just be easier when he is fixed.

He does not give my husband and me any trouble but we learned all of the warning signs very quickly. If you are careful with him there is no need to worry. We are also finding that one behavior that looks like aggression is just him lunging at your hand to try to get a scratch. He takes treats like a perfect gentleman-- even green beans.

So far he has been to work a few times and behaves very well. He loves the car ride and visiting everyone. Our office is very fur friendly and everyone knows to go slow with Wallis.  He is making more and more friends all the time."

Well, sure he is!  He's got the kind of  face that makes people stop and stare and want to get to know him.  He's the kind of frog that men want to be like and women want to snuggle with.  Look at him!  Once he learns the world's a fine place, he'll be out there rolling down the avenues with a song in his heart and a twinkle in his wee dark eye. 

Feeling a bit woozy and snuggle-deprived all of a sudden,

The Frog Princess


Benny and Lily said...

Oh my word is he a cutie. Glad you found FBRN little one
Benny & Lily

Boots said...

What a handsome sweetheart of a frog! Hang in there'll figure it out.
My 4 Boston girls and Chaya my Frenchie foster are drooling over you! ;)