Friday, April 29

Ernie has lost his lead!

Please be sure to vote for Ernie for King of the Web!  We have a donor willing to match the $1,000 prize money if we win, but Ernie's lead is slipping.
If you'd like to help, you can go to the King of the Web site and create a campaign.  Uploading an image and creating a poster will earn you 35 points to assign to Ernie, and you'll also get 10 points for commenting on the "Say Something" section of his page.  Plus, every day you get 10 votes.
Our lead over the next competitor has slipped to less than 500 votes.  We need your help and the help of your family and friends to win this contest.  Please help us!
$2000 could do a lot of homeless Frenchies a lot of good!

The Frog Princess

PS  Please remember that people are only entitled to one account per person--don't try to set up multiple accounts!


Anonymous said...

The blasted competitor was ahead on Sunday afternoon! It's easy to set up your own "King" web page, and you can direct viewers to vote for Ernie. Good luck, E-man.

Molly's Mommy said...

Please don't forget to vote for Ernie!! Only one day left and his competitor is closing in. Run Ernie Run, we love you!

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and vote! Put Ernie back on top!

King of the Web said...

It was an awesome effort Ernie fans but BananaNeil ended up grabbing the crown! Your efforts weren't unnoticed; you drove awareness to French Bulldogs everywhere.

Our next Animal King competition starts May 4 if you'd like to give it another go.

PS – Congratulations to Ernie for winning the Animal King race!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ernie and mommy, i voted like crazy and told friends about it! You will alwyas be a king!
Nancy & Torito

Boots said...

Ernie, I voted like I was possessed! I love ya man and you will always be a KING in my eyes and everyone else's. Take care you cutie pie!