Wednesday, April 13


Dessa is on the available page this week, and though she needs a little more time with the ins and outs of potty training (no pun intended), she is ready to be a wonderful companion to a fortunate family.  Here's what her foster mom said in her April update to our volunteers:

"Sweet Dessa is ready to go to the available page!  Oh, we miss her already!!

 Her allergies are almost all gone.  She will roll on carpet every once in a while, but the constant urge to lick or scratch is gone. 
The hair on her almost bald hind end has grown back and in general is thicker all around. 

The potty training still needs a bit of help.  She is comfortable peeing outside but rarely poops outside - that's usually reserved for the pee pee pads.  Also, one of her bad habits is to go up to the edge of the pee pee pad and pee off the side of it.  With a face like hers, it's hard to be mad. 

Other than all that, she is sweet and loving.  Whoever ends up with her is going to feel like they won the lottery!"

She's a very appealing little amphibian, in the opinion of

The Frog Princess


Benny and Lily said...

Dessa you are a sweet and beautiful girl. We will keep our feets crossed you find the best forever home
Benny & Lily

Katy said...


Janie Sparkles said...

Oh, sweet Dessa! You're a cutie. You're in my neck of the woods, so maybe one day our paths will cross.

Keep up the good work with the potty training!

Anonymous said...

Dessa, you are perfect! Torito will love you as his sister and he has the same potty behavior which is more than fine with me :)


Boots said...

Dessa, you sweet looking frogette! I hope you find your forever home soon and live the life you deserve! That face will be hard to resist.

Ashley said...

Dessa, you are everything my families been looking for, I hope your foster family loves my application. We would be honored to make you apart our happy loving family!! ;)