Friday, January 2

Sven Needs Mojo

Sven had to go to the hospital on Monday night so they could try to get his terrible diarrhea under control.  Here's what his foster mom said last night:

"Wednesday, Sven had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, tissue samples are being tested so a diagnosis can be made. He is on his previous meds plus 2 new meds were added. (Carafate and Famotidine)

"This morning I picked Sven up, he looks so thin. He has rested most of the day. His appetite is good, he pushes his bowl into a corner so it can't get away from him.

Did I tell you how they STARVED me at the hospital?
"He really is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met... He has the cutest under-bite that has multiple uses besides adding to his good looks (he has used those bottom teef as a 'shredder' on his plush toys and as a 'scraper', when I've given him something off my finger he scrapes those teef over my finger to make sure he gets it all!"
Sven shreds his duck!

When you donate to FBRN you help find answers for dogs like Sven, so they can be successfully treated, and/or we can find out how to manage their conditions.  Thank you so much for supporting our foster dogs in need, monetarily if you can, and taking the time to send some loving mojo to our sick and injured dogs.

Horrible collywobbles are no fun at all.  Get well soon vibes are pulsing through the atmosphere from

The  Frog Princess

UPDATE 1/4/15
Poor, poor Sven is no better.  Please keep him and his foster mom in your thoughts.

Dear Sven was diagnosed with lymphoma and ulcerative colitis.  He was released from his suffering in the company of his entire foster family.  His foster mom said, "Despite the pain that his digestive system had to be causing him, Sven was nothing but sweet and wonderful and just an amazing soul. Rest in peace, little man."

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