Saturday, October 2

Lovely Day

Lovely is a great little dog with a great big problem.  She has a terrible, terrible case of demodex mange, and her condition is made worse by secondary skin infections. 

Though you can only see her back in this photo, her shoulders are absolutely raw from scratching, and the rest of her is cracked and flaky and itchy and mostly bald. She's also undernourished.  Her previous owners just couldn't get the demodex under control, so they elected to drop her off at a shelter.  We are so grateful the shelter called us!

She is such a pretty girl.

Her foster mom took a video of her the first day Lovely was with her.  You can see how Lovely's tongue sticks out a little bit.

Keep a good thought for this girl  as she recovers.  Those sores have to be quite painful!  But meanwhile, she's going to have a great time putting on some weight, believes

The Frog Princess


Christina said...

yeah!! This is my forster, Lovely girl...she is a dream..I have been keeping meds and a shirt on her and she is healing up nicely.
Keep her in your thoughts...some family will be very lucky to have her!

WillaBean said...

Smeagies told me he's got a crush on Lovely, 'cuz she's his kind of Lovely Lady!

Benny and Lily said...

We are keeping all our paws crossed for you Lovely
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

I love a girl with bowed legs.

Can you give me her digits?
-Elwood P. Dowd

debra and drake said...

Lovely is soooo lovely!!! reminds me of Gordo and he turned out so handsome and perfect!!! kisses and hugs!