Tuesday, October 19


We got a note over the weekend from 2009 FBRN grad Frankfurt, now known as Frank da Tank. 

"Good evening...
Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know that Frankfurt, now known as "Frank da Tank" is thriving and a WONDERFUL addition to our family.
We have added another dog to the mix, and he and Frankie are getting along really well.
I've attached a couple pics of the handsome man.
Our family consists of Lilly, the matriarch cream Frenchie who will be 11 on 11/11 (party is planned for 11/13).Frank, the black/brindle man of the
house who is now 5.
Asta, the Pug, who we refer to as "Asta the disasta," who is 9 months.
In one picture, it is Left to Right - Frank, Asta, Lilly
In the other picture, it is Frank in his triathlon uniform!"

We believe this is a portrait of canine smooshy-faced pulchritude! 

What's all this about a triathlon?  Is Frank a participant or a supporter?  

Either way, it's wonderful to hear from our old boys, affirms the headmaster of the FBRN school for homeless frogs,

The Frog Princess


Benny and Lily said...

You guys are adorable. We are happee you are getting along with every buddy Frank da Tank. Cool shirt
Benny & Lily

Molly's Mommy said...

The picture of all three pups is adorable - they make quite the gorgeous family!!