Friday, August 28

Your Frenchie, A Joy Forever

Here's a note from our auction and eBay organizing maven:

"Donated to the French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN) to help raise funds for our rescue dogs is a custom artistic rendering of a photo of your frenchie! This poster size print will be based on the highest bidder's submission to the artist who will create a memorable keepsake of your beloved! See examples of previous work on this post. Your own dog's portrait will be unique.

Place your bid now because the auction will end on Monday, August 31st. Please send your minimum bid of $75.00 to:

All proceeds benefit the rescue frenchies of FBRN! Thank you."

Ask any Frenchie if he thinks his silly mug should be commemorated in an original piece of artwork and what do you think his answer will be?

Go to the head of the class! praises

The Frog Princess

1 comment:

Benson and Lily said...

Mom said she will bid since it looks like me
Benny & Lily