Saturday, August 15

Diving Miss Maisy

Little Miss Maisy was surrendered because she has a skin condition that is quite likely to resolve over time, but which put off some members of her family. They opted to surrender her to rescue, and we are so glad to have her with us! The growths on her face are diminished and she is proving to be a wonderful source of exercise and amusement for the resident Frenchies in her foster home. Here's a recent note from her foster mom:

"Well our Little Miss Maisy is a HOOT!

We took her for a walk in the woods by my house where there is a very shallow stream. She was so intrigued by the running water she had the most AMAZING puppy fit I've ever seen!
Granted, both of my dogs were over 3 when I adopted them, so she is my first frenchie puppy experience ... but it was hysterical! She nibbled at the water and zoomed around in circles like a rocket. I love it when they run so fast, it seems like their back end might actually pass up their front end :)

After her outback adventure, I decided it was time to try Maisy with a bath and pedicure. She was good as gold ... even when I trimmed her nails! Maisy ... who holds still for nothing! She sat calmly in the tub while I scrubbed and trimmed. She is so beautiful and sweet and smart and playful. Honestly, people. :)

Here are a couple of pics of our little cutie-pied. One of her "feed me, I'm cute" face, one of her passed out on D's feet and one of her "crazy face" - look at those pearly whites! She's adorable!"

Adorable is the very word for her, concurs
The Frog Princess


Rebecca said...

Miss Maisy! You are a perfect little gem ... a lovely creature and a shining star! You are loved in this world ... good luck in your future, some family will be lucky to have you :)

Anonymous said...

nice chompers!

ONfroglover said...

She sure went to the most perfect foster home! Life is GREAT for Miss Maisy now!

Anonymous said...

My friend & I have a theory that pied Frenchies have the most outrageous personalities of all. I know that folks owned by other color varieties will probably dispute that. However, Miss Maisy would seem to be a shining proof of that theory! Whoever adopts her will find their lives enriched with laughter, I'm sure!

Erica said...

Shes a keeper looks to me to be Bianca grown up:)
I tried my hardest to get her 3 years back.A true beauty
xoxo EForbes

If it doesnt work out for her ever shes at now she still has a fat pad in Mi right in the computer room:)