Wednesday, January 2

Rosebud Recovers and Models Spring Fashion

Oh, poor tiny Rosebud! Doesn't she look just pitiful? Isn't she simply the very picture of pitifulness? Did you ever have your tonsils out? We bet she feels just like that, poor baby.

This wee girly with the bendy
legs has been recovering from having her elongated palate clipped. Her foster mamma said that as soon as she picked her up from the excellent vet's she could hear the difference between Rosebud's having to struggle to take each breath and her new, easier, far less labored breathing.
(We keep hearing Bill Cosby's hilarious and heart-rending old routine, "Tonsils",playing in our head: "Ice cream! We're gonna have ice cream!")
We have advised Rosebud's mamma that Rosebud MUST have at LEAST TWO Frosty Paws (manufactured or a la Queenie) every day until her throat feels better. TWO! At the very least!

And here is our final photo in today's foggy froggy fashion show. You will not judge Rosebud too harshly, we know, for being a bit blase about her new outfit. She looks great in it, and she's all in favor of outfitting every pretty French bulldog girl in her own little hoodie sweater whilst the cold winter winds blow through the chinks of the castle walls and the nasty, wicked drafts come whistling down the long stone corridors to gather and swirl around the bendy, wee, chilly legs of a poor orphan frog.

Put some slippers on, Rosebud! nags
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Poor sweet Rosebud! I hope she gets lots of Queenie treats! Hope she feels better soon.

Also, she's rockin' in that hoodie!