Friday, January 11

Domino's New Year's Resolution

Be a better Sox fan!

You gotta problem wit' dat?

Hey. You gotta problem wit' Domino's allegiance to the indefatigable and glorious Red Sox, whyncha just drop a note in the comment box?

Yah. Drop a note in the comment box and express yourself. Go ahead. See what happens.

(The Frog Princess would like to take this opportunity to say that she has no strong feelings toward any sports franchise, and would like to be considered Switzerland where any railery, baiting or bashing is concerned.)

Though if we could be permitted to step across the Swiss border for just a moment, we do think Domino looks very dashing in that bandana, asserts

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Whoa Domino! Aren't you the dapper fella all dressed up supporting your Red Socks!!!

Vlad said...

Domino looks great! and a great choice on the team too!