Wednesday, January 17

Trixie Takes On!

One of our foster moms had fun with her foster girl, Trixie, a couple of weeks ago. She sent the photos and the very apt captions.

It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes.

What makes you different makes you beautiful.

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.
- Edwin Elliot

Thou hast the sweetest face I ever looked on.
Sir, as I have a soul, she is an angel.
-William Shakespeare


Anonymous said...

These photos and captions go together marvelously! Pictured in those sepia tones, she looks like the glamorous Hedda Hopper of Doggywood, except for the last one. In the last one she is obviously an angel.

Little Man & Truffles, fellow Toads

Pattie said...

What an adorable face. Trixie is beautiful & so good natured to pose. Trixie put a smile on my face.