Tuesday, January 23

Stanley Settles In

When we first saw Stanley's foster photos, we must admit we felt a bit intimidated.
He's a fine figure of a Frenchie, sure, but he's got kind of an intense, sort of a no-nonsense, kind of sharklike look to him, wouldn't you say? The kind of face you'd see on a woman immediately before the doors open on Filene's annual bridal gown sale. Like a crocodile might look spying a nest full of baby ducks. The face of a debauched and determined rake in a roomful of dimpling debutantes.

You get the idea. The dog was a little off-putting in his expression. Probably not his fault. Maybe he was just not having a good day, photographically speaking. Nonetheless, a wonderful family spied his photo and saw beyond the menacing mug.

They saw what lay beneath: a happy, healthy, handsome Frenchie who wanted a home.

And so they bit! And now this grinning gargoyle is learning some manners. His dads work alternate shifts, so he's never alone, and though he's an only dog, his grandma has Frenchies and they are helping to teach him some manners and tricks! His foster mom wrote this on the day Stanley went to his new home: "It really was a perfect match - even Stanley seemed to know this was his man! When Matt clipped the leash on him, he almost dragged him down to the car! And Stanley dosen't usually act like that - I've never seen him so animated and happy!"

Ducklings everywhere breathe more easily today, as does
The Frog Princess


anita said...

ahhh so its the bachelor life for stanley.. i must say.. he looks fabulous!

Pattie said...

Maybe Stanley was just looking intimidating until he found the home he wanted. I sometimes think that these dogs manage to pick us instead of the other way around. Best wishes to Stan in his new home. Looks like he will be very happy.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story, Frog Princess! Seems like Stanley had a look of determination about finding his forever home. Hope his dads and grandma will send photos and updates of Stanley!

Balboa said...

That's a great picture of you and your dad, have lots of fun getting spoiled with the attention you deserve.